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If you’re considering setting up E-commerce website from home, I guess you’re in luck.  The rise of the internet means that businesses have more choice than ever before when it comes to selling their product online. With more than 50 Million Nigerians actively shopping for even expensive online means that e-commerce website offers you tremendous business opportunity

E-commerce is a hot money making business in Nigeria and Africa as well, with different selling items from major categories. Nowadays, we have two major big players in the field which is JUMIA and KONGA. While new once keep on appearing online every day.

Do you know that, there are thousands of people who are navigating their way to the internet to get accurate financial information and the cost to start e-commerce business in Nigeria?

I know you might’ve heard one thousand and one ways of setting up e-commerce business but the basic truth is how many of them are making real money? Today, I’m offering you a platform to setup your own e-commerce store at little or no cost.

Now the Best Secret,

How they source for Products.

From Manufacturer Or Wholesalers: Not having the product to sell can never be a barrier in e-commerce because many manufacturers need this platform to make sales thereby adopting e-commerce website owners service to reach more potentials buyers, so this means that as an e-commerce own you can just sleep or even snore on the bed while huge money smiles into your bank account.

Courier Service And Delivery Agents: DHL is one of reliable courier’s agents that have cost effective. They handle all your deliveries nationwide, and also collect cash on your behalf. There is DHL office in every State in Nigeria.

You see e-commerce business is not a tie-to-desk business, everything is been handled by a co-ordinated term which makes it faster and much easier to succeed.

Now, here are the details on how to setup a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria with low cost.

Online Presence (Website): To have your e-commerce store, it requires website with your company name and other related information. Your website is a shop and a point of collection between you and your clients.

Payment Integration: E-commerce requires reliable and fast payment gateways to help customers pay for their product with their credit card. Here is payment app that needed. (1) Paga(2) Paystack etc. You don’t spend money to integrate those payment plugin, we take it upon ourselves.

Domain And Hosting: Your web hosting is a shop that you hired online to run your business, domain normally renewed monthly or yearly. We provide efficient and fast domain and hosting for our clients.

Good Website Logo: Attractive and quality Logo speaks for every business. We are creative in nature; we have what it takes to create attractive logo without you paying extra money to freelancers.

Comfortable Office Space: Every business that exists online has a physical presence, that is office address. Setting up e-commerce requires you to have a small office space to gain more trust to shoppers. It advisable to start your e-commerce business from your apartment, as office space will add to more expenses to your budget. You can as well expand or move to better place as your shop grows.

Chair And Portable Table: Make your physical shop more comfortable to increase your passion on the business.

Good Laptop Or Desktop Computer: This is a business for anyone who can operate even a mobile phone or better-of, If you already have computers, that is even better. Remember, the goal is to totally cut costs and gain profit.

sound generator: Nigeria electricity is not trusted when it comes to area of business. Get yourself a sound electric generator to support your business.

Remember; how you handle your business determine how successful you will become. Contact us today for your E-commerce website Setup with unbeatable price. We setup your E-commerce website with high search traffic with the power of Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

We understands the negative effect of poor or absence of SEO could have a hidden impact on a website that is why we’re taking it upon ourselves to ensure well optimized for better search engine positioning. Your site will be optimized with top ranking keyword which will make it accessible on search engines.

This with no doubt will increase your customer base and boost profit in turn. We publish your site on major search engines, and we offer advice on how to reach a wider audience. We will list your website on major business directories globally. This will help generated targeted traffic to your website.

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GodwinWeb has the expertise to transform your business to reality. We design and develop your online store and mobile market and promote the website.


  • Responsive Design to allow tablet, IPad and smartphone accessibility
  • Photo Gallery Application offering a variety of styles
  • Slide Show and Image Rotation Features
  • Custom Form Creation for Contact, Feedback and other needs
  • Event RSVP Management
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Social Media and Content Feeds
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dynamic Maps for Easy Directions
  • E-commerce Capability for simple purchases or predefined payments.
  • Website Search Functionality integration
  • Audio and Video Integration
  • Embedded Video to YouTube and/or Vimeo Accounts
  • Document Integration (PDF’s etc…)
  • Custom Embedded Code for 3rd Party Scripts like Chat, Tracking and Reservation Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization with 300 Redirects
  • BlogAdvanced E-commerce WebsiteOur Advanced E-commerce solution offers more advanced features geared to larger companies who require service similar to POS and QuickBooks integration.

eCommerce Website Solutions

Get more lead in the market by boosting your products’ visibility, higher than any of your competitors. Plus, add charm to your website by presenting its dynamics extensively with HD pictures from different angles & use Featured Product Showcase to highlight your best products.

Stay organized and never go out of stock! Have a deep insight into your inventory, stock movement and real time sales activity via Sales & Inventory Reports. GodwinWeb designs, will be capable of organizing your inventory & keeping a record of what’s in stock and out of stock.

With GodwinWeb designs, your customers are assured of easier and secured payment! We let your customers pay through a secure interface, easily and smoothly with universally accepted modes of payments. And, if you have any independent merchant account, provide us your API and we’ll integrate it for you.

We help you to increase sales! With an integrated shopping cart, which give your customers a great shopping experience and convert them into your regular clients. GodwinWeb Designs direct your potential and existing customers to easy and happy shopping.

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Contact us at the GodwinWebConcept for the best web experience. we design professional website at affordable prize.

Kudos to Godwin Web Concept for helping me open and verify US paypal account without VPN and is functional perfect. Thumps Up!


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