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Short Message Service (SMS) is a service that enables someone to send text message from his or her phone to friends, relatives, associates and so on. It is also possible to send text message via the internet using an SMS enabled online system. SMS is becoming more popular day by day as it has been noted to be one of the most effective way of communicating to people that belong to the same group or have common interest and for marketing or promoting products/services. The process of mass messaging is often referred to as bulk SMS messaging.

SMS has made it possible to reach people in few seconds and place information directly “in the palm of their hand”. The recipient’s direct response to such information has been noted to be very high.

SMS siness is enjoying its profit boom presently as you will have noticed that many people are now marketing and promoting the business. Though the price for each SMS sent is relatively low, but the promoters of the SMS make their money from volume and consistent sales of the SMS

For example, if you as a user of the SMS system that send at least 10,000 SMS through the system on a weekly basis and you make at least N1.00 (One naira) on each of the SMS, then, your profit is ₦10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira) If he sends the message four times in a month, that will give you a pure profit of ₦40,000.00

Now consider a situation where you have ten people that send the same number of messages consistently, that simply means that you will be making a huge monthly profit of nothing less than ₦400,000.00 and so on. All you need is to advertise your services to the public and once they see the effect, they’l be looking for you all the time. As a student, I’ve been making not less than 5000naira on a weekly basis from this bulksms Biz

How Does The Bulk SMS System Work

The SMS system is designed as a web based application. It allows you to send bulk SMS and manage your contacts and messages by using any web browser. You will need to visit the website on Internet to use the service. The SMS system is robust and flexible for future improvement

What Makes Bulk SMS A HOT Money Making Business. It is cheap and affordable for different levels of user

. It is a reusable commodity

3. People that send bulk message to group of people like religious groups, clubs, friends, associates etc are likely going to do it consistently

4. It can be used for instant business or transaction alert as seen with the banks.

5. It is a delightful advertisement method for marketers and promoters who often experience quick response from their recipients any time the message is sent out

6. The amount for sending SMS to different networks is the same which is in contrast to what is obtainable when you use handset to send it to different networks.

The Enormous Potential Use of BULKSMS

Here are some highlights of what the SMS System can be used for in term of messages that can be sent to different audience

• Business Marketing & Advertisement

• Wedding announcement and invitation

• Birthday announcement and invitation

• Events and Meetings notification (e.g. Church Programms and Fellowship Meetings

• Special seasons greeting

• Political campaign and awareness

• Product Launch and Sales Promotions

• Customer Services and Relationship Management

• Financial Services• Social Networking

• Business Process Management and Internal Administration

• Information Technology and System Administration


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